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I am Stephen Davis an experienced expert witness in my field as a Master Plumbing Contractor. I am a Certified State of Florida Licensed Plumbing Contractor. I am personally licensed since 1998. I have been in the plumbing industry since 1985. As life advances it is inevitable that one day you will encounter a big plumbing expense.

These very big expenses can and will generate emotions, disagreements and drama. As we know plumbing is very physical work that requires physical athletic strength, intelligence, logistics, planning and knowledge of building codes both past and present. These characteristics are rare for one person to posses and attain. It feels like I have been plumbing for a thousand years. My knowledge and experiences providing expert testimony in court cases generated by Plumbing cost disagreements is well known to insurance companies and attorneys.

I regard myself as a very fair man. I have even been retained as a "neutral party plumbing design expert" in cases where the courts sought a deeper understanding of plumbing problems and causes. During the course of my business experience we seek to resolve any disagreements prior to courtroom. This economic climate in our country causes financial challenges for individuals and businesses.

Many business agreements can collapse and or get mired in court. This usually stops all physical plumbing work at job sites or occupied homes. When work stops or even worse, commencement of required plumbing work is delayed, this financially and emotionally affects many families. These disagreements cause delays or cause great expense upon the business sector and of course these expenses inevitably are paid by all of us, as the trickle down economic laws run the cyclical unstoppable course.

I love working outside, hence I chose Plumbing. As a young man planning my life and career, never did I imagine that providing expert testimony would help resolve disagreements in courts. I have resolved Contractor / Owner disagreements when property owners requested my interventions. I have saved many contracts for work in progress.

The irony here is, I was to get my law degree and I chose Plumbing. I love constructing and servicing physical buildings. I have been very lucky to work and learn with some great minds in the Plumbing industry. As my career and knowledge base has evolved, this is an area of my expertise that has developed. If you require a seasoned Expert Witness Plumber in court or mediation for legal cases or simply plumbing systems consulting, I would be happy to provide you my Plumbing mind that is seasoned with my 1000 years of plumbing contracting experiences.

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