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We offer Leak Detection in Miami for your high water bill and provide reports for your insurance company. Here is an example of a Cast Iron Sewer Camera Inspection Report. Leak detection must be performed by a water leak test specialist. Leak testing water pipes underground and under concrete deploying the latest technology in leak detection and testing equipment. Water leak detection and testing equipment is required to accurately pinpoint the location of the leaking underground Miami water pipe. Amplifying the sound of water, gas or steam with an electro acoustic microphone is required to find leaks in plumbing systems where different construction materials are present. Electronic sensor technology employs amplification and filtering to aid an experienced technician during leak detection and testing service.

Concealed or hidden water leaks commonly remain unknown to the residential home or commercial building owner until that high water bill arrives in the mail. Porous coral allows most Miami underground water leaks to flow down undetected, hidden and concealed until the high water bill indicates a water pipe leak problem. It is now time to start asking some simple questions: Does my toilet run water some or all the time when not in use? Did I fill my swimming pool during this high or excessive water bill cycle? If the answer is "no" to these questions, then this is the time to call our Miami leak detection specialist Plumber Service. Underground or hidden water leaks under a concrete floor can cause your tile to suddenly pop out or crack. Water leaking under a Miami concrete floor are subtle in nature that require an inspection or evaluation investigating other clues in the home or building.

Leak Detection Tips for Miami Dade County Water and Sewer Home Residential Customers

Open your Miami Dade County water meter and visually check if the triangular or round flow indicator wheel is spinning. If the flow indicator is spinning, then shut down the main shut off valve at the house wall. Make sure this main valve is in very good condition or new, because if water internally leaks across this valve, this will present a false investigative pathway. Now that we have confirmed that the main house valve at the wall is fully shut down with certainty, let us again check the flow indicator for spinning movement. If this flow meter is spinning then we have a water leak between the water meter and the main shut off valve at the house wall. This leak is underground and can be located with sound or thermal imaging equipment. Air pressure testing is also very helpful in these exterior leak testing situations.

If the water flow sensor wheel has stopped spinning after performing the leak detection testing procedures above with main valve at house in the off position, then this indicates the leak is located downstream of the main shut off valve. Now we will leak evaluate deductively. Open the main shut off valve, then Shut down the toilets and check the water meter flow indicator. If wheel is spinning then water flow is still indicated. Shut down the main cold supply for your water heater(s). If flow sensor wheel inside water meter stops then we have an underground hot water leak. If the water meter flow sensor wheel continues to spin then we have an underground under floor cold water leak downstream of the main shut off valve. These types of leaks require professional equipment an years of experience. Now is the time to call The Dick Rosher plumbing leak detection team.

Dick Rosher Plumbing of Miami leak detection department deploys very sensitive German manufactured sound amplification equipment with noise filters to test and locate water leaks. Dick Rosher Plumbing will also deploy when required thermal imaging scanning cameras to locate, detect and test for water leaks. Leak Detection is our specialty. Dick Rosher Plumbing has the licensing and years of experience to be your leak detection specialist.

Leak Detection Flood and Water Damage in Miami with Thermal Imaging and Sound

Miami Leak Detection and location service for credits of high Miami Dade County water bills, Dick Rosher Plumbing in Miami will deploy sound and infrared leak detection technologies. Certified Miami water leak specialists will evaluate investigate, and source underground water leaks. Water bill credit requests now require pictures, reports and inspections. Moisture problems and water leaks in condominiums and apartments can be sourced with our non- invasive equipment to locate and repair problems in high rise buildings.

Commercial Residential Miami Leak Detection for Condominium Building and Office

Find water leak and report the causes of your high cost Miami Dade Water Bill. Miami Leak detection requires investigative experience, and that’s why our service is 100% guaranteed. Have no doubt we have the sound equipment and thermal imaging technology along with many years of experience to locate, source, and find all underground water leaks. High water bills caused by underground leaks in Miami are an economic threat to any home and building. The Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department will only grant credit if the hidden or concealed water leak is underground or underneath the floor.

Thermal Imaging for home and Building Water flood damage Insurance claims

Water Damage insurance claims required PROOF of flood and water damage causation. Evidence your claim with our water Damage thermal imaging report with thermal imaging leak source pictures, prepared by our Certified Thermographer David Ewan, may be presented to your homeowners Insurance Company. These investigative leak techniques profiles solid evidence by Plumbing professionals of water leaks from unknown sources causes to floors, ceiling walls.

Leak Detection Monitoring and Automatic Water Shut-down Protection

Water leak detection technologies have advanced in recent years. Automatic water flow monitoring systems are available. These water leak detection systems provide protection and in many cases great discounts on property damage insurance. Water damage caused by water pipe leaks are very costly insurance claims. Insurance companies seek to minimize risk and therefore offer discounts on rates as an incentive to purchase and install these systems. These automatic leak detection system discounts are now available from insurance companies with property policies in Miami, Florida. These automatic water leak detection and monitoring shutoff systems are designed, installed and programmed to protect your home from water damage due to plumbing leak failures.

Additionally, these systems protect your wallet since hidden concealed underground water leaks generate enormous water bills. These automatic water leak detection systems will detect and automatically stop water flow into your house. Water consumption costs resulting from common failures such as ruptured washing machine hoses, overflowing sinks and toilets, water heater leaks, and water waste caused by faucets. Installations of these automatic systems provide protection and save lots of money.

Insurance Company Flood Water Damage Mediation Claim Services

Commercial and residential Insurance company adjusters are welcome to call us anytime for our specialized investigative plumbing services. Our team of professionals will determine the exact cause of water and flood and moisture damage. Inaccurate flood leak causation conclusions cost insurance companies millions of dollars every year. Dick Rosher Plumbing in Miami will provide a detailed investigative leak flood source report to aid in the fast speedy approval or denial of water damage or flood damage claims.

Miami-Dade County Water Bill Credit - Adjustments

Customers may receive an adjustment to their bill in any of these cases:

  • act of vandalism resulting in a high bill (customer must have reported the incident to the police, and must verify repairs made to damaged water and sewer fixtures)
  • high bill due to a leak which was concealed underground or behind a wall

To request a leak credit, please click here to fill in the underground / concealed leak credit request form. You must attach our invoice for repairs to the form. Be sure to indicate the date and location on the property of the water leak repair. Fax the completed form to 786-552-8763 or mail to Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept, P.O. Box 330316, Miami, FL 33233-3016. Be sure to indicate "Leak Credit" on the fax sheet or envelope. Dick Rosher and Steve Davis are licenced and insured Miami plumbers that can validate your leak credit claim.

Dick Rosher Plumbing in Miami has been detecting water leaks in Miami since 1977. If you require water pipe leak detection and investigative service in the Miami area then call Dick Rosher Plumbing today and make an appointment. Upon our first visit, you will be confident that your plumbing leak problem is now our problem. You can be sure that our experience concerning water leak causes solutions and possible insurance coverage will have you in the best possible position to solve your water leak problem permanently. Lets be clear if we are your plumber we will propose solution based options to you for solving your water leak as economically as possible without compromising quality.

Miami Dade County Leak Detection One-time Lifetime Credit

Miami Dade County: One-time Lifetime Affidavit for Residential Customers Form

Miami Dade County: One-time Lifetime Affidavit for Commercial Customers Form

Miami Dade County: One-time Lifetime Affidavit for Multi-Unit Dwelling Residential Customers Form

Dick Rosher Plumbing in Miami - 305-253-0405 - Inspection and Investigative Plumbers

The following plumbing services are provided for commercial, residential, & industrial properties and buildings. Dick Rosher Plumbing Miami has extensive experience for the unique plumbing problems encountered at older homes and hi-rise buildings. Restaurant plumbing systems also pose unique problem which will be solved by Dick Rosher Plumbing.

Dick Rosher and Steve Davis are each professional expert Miami plumbers with extensive references and a proven track record of success in their profession as plumbing contractors. Our approach is as follows: ask questions, inspect, investigate, document, identify, and evidence insured damages by color video camera recording into the affected pipe. Expert investigative reports are then professionally composed. Sewer gas detection equipment and leak detection equipment will be employed if necessary to identify the location and severity of your plumbing problem. These evidenced reports will be prepared and forwarded directly to you or your insurance company by Dick Rosher Plumbing Miami. Dick Rosher Plumbing provides these specialized investigative services to Miami and the following suburban areas: Village of Palmetto Bay, Coconut Grove, City of Coral Gables,Village of Pinecrest, Brickell, Miami Lakes, Homestead, Miami Shores, Key Biscayne, Brickell, Homestead, Doral, Cutler Bay, Kendall, Kendall lakes, Deering Bay, Redlands, Miami Beach, Miami Springs, Surfside, North Miami Beach, North Miami, North Bay Village, Indian Creek Island, Palm Island, Star Island, Hibiscus Island.

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